Monday, March 7, 2011

I miss you, Shag

It is with a heavy heart that I let you all know that my beloved Shag passed away January 28, 2011. I haven't had the heart to touch this blog for a bit, but I want to keep his memory alive. I will be trying to dig up as many videos as I have of him. He passed away of an infection that went unnoticed as he concealed the discomfort he must have been in, until it was too late. The vet said he must have had it close to 2 weeks.

Cats are stoic. They will instinctively conceal illness and injury until they are too sick to do so. Besides me, Shag leaves behind his parents, his sister, and his very best buddy, Sonic. Fly high, my fluffy angel...

Monday, July 5, 2010

New toy


"Okay, so...what's this thing supposed to do? Yeah...a ball...on a spring..." *continues to look at me in confusion* "If you think this thing's exciting I got to wonder what cave you're living in."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My sister's fishtank. Her two cats enjoy watching these fish! The black one was the coolest one, I thought. We don't even have a fish tank here at my place...would be too much of a risk with all the kitties! That's my sister talking in the background.

This was actually taken last July {2009}. Still playing catchup here.

More cat stuff coming next time!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm even more handsome in person.

Aceyboy just lying on my bed, looking fluffy and cute!

Ace: "I'll admit I look a little like I just got out of bed, but hey...cut me some slack, I look THIS good even BEFORE I get out of bed!"

Monday, May 26, 2008

wham: i killed another chipmunk

A chipmunk somehow got into the Room earlier today. That was the last mistake it ever made.
First Ace was chasing it around the room, with Tory following behind. Ace tried but he just couldn't catch it. So the girl set me loose in the room. Someone had to get it, the humans couldn't have a chipmunk running loose in the house.
The chipmunk went under the bed and hid there for a while and I waited patiently. Finally, later in the afternoon, it reappeared. I cornered it by the door and lunged. Success!
It took me a while to actually kill it, though. I sort of bit on it for a while while it moved in my mouth.
Some day I was born to win cat shows. I disagree. I was born to kill.
I didn't eat the chipmunk when I was done. The girl got rid of it and threw it out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tory: i'm pregnant

I'm preggers!!
It was a hectic time. I went into heat almost two months ago now--right about the time that strange cat showed up. She was a hissy mess, but she went away. I must've finally scared her off.
Now I'm waiting for the arrival of my new babies. The vet said I have at least two kittens on the way, when I went in for a checkup. I usually have four or five kittens, so it might be more.
I'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Sonic!

Shag heard the basement door opening and ran up the stairs, then when the girl shut it behind her he bounded back down, purring. *SHE'S HERE!*
*So?* said Sonic as Shag purred away super loudly. The girl pet him too but Sonic didn't purr.
The girl went through the basement to check out how things were and saw that the water bowl had been overturned and emptied out, then dried out, some time during the day. She refilled it and Sonic started to drink. Shag plopped down nearby and watched from inside his fluff.
The girl combed the impossibly large volume of fluff on both boys. Shag didn't want to be combed but he had to sit there and endure it. Shag looked over at Sonic afterwards and said, *Guess what I am now?*


*No silly, nobody owns us. I'm 7 months old. I just turned 7 months old!*

*Big deal,* said Sonic. *Cause guess what day today {feb 7th} is?*


*My birthday.*

*Happy birthday! How old are you?* said Shag.


*Wow, three months old? That means I'm older than you! You have to be older than that.*

*Three years, nitwit.*

Shag looked at Sonic with round amber eyes. *Three years? You're really OLD!*

*Happens to the best of us,* said Sonic.

*When you were a kitten like me, were you as cute and fluffy as me?* Shag pondered this.

*I had you totally beat in the cuteness area. I was so cute I could just make humans cry over it. Way cuter than you, kit.*

*No one is cuter than me,* said Shag.

*Just you wait,* said Sonic. *You'll see. Some day maybe not too far away, some kitten's gonna come along who's littler and cuter than you. Just you wait. It'll happen.*

*No it won't, silly,* but Shag worried, as the girl brought him back out of the basement to join her and the others in the Room. He wondered whether this was actually true.

*~Sonic & Shag